Shortly after he was born in Hatay, Turkey in 1983, his family moved to Istanbul. He focused on the Middle East Tourism sector at the beginning of 2010... He graduated from Beykent University Business Administration. He is currently operating in the tourism sector, working as a tour operator and at the same time following the company's preliminary accounts, on the other hand, he is working on story design and writing script.

Art Life

Since 1993, he has followed the weekly humor (Comic) Magazines in Istanbul. The habit of drawing caricatures, which he saw from his older brother in 1997, became a hobby and a habit for him... In 1999, he took the cartoons he drew to magazines such as H.B.R., Solak and Leman comic magazine, he regarded this hobby as a business, for a long time he regularly took his jokes and drawings to the magazine every week. First cartoon was published in Leman and Solak magazines in June 2000. Dozens of his cartoons have been published in weekly humor magazines such as Leman, Solak, Penguen, and Uykusuz Comic Magazines... After he moved to the district of Hatay in 2001, he continued to draw and send it by mail, even though he was away from his circle in Istanbul and the magazine. In the same period, he also drew cartoons and made columns in local newspapers distributed in Iskenderun between 2001 and 2004. He made a column in the Körfez Newspaper, Güney Newspaper for a while, and drew cartoons for about 3 years by making a column in the Iskenderun Newspaper called 'Tumor'. He made some of the cartoons he drew in 2012 as a mobile app, but it was a rushed program, he did not like it and removed it. He started the idea of ​​writing a Screenplay in 2018, and received online training on Tirad staging and Scenario writing. Although environmental and professional obstacles cause him to be unable to deal with this job from time to time, he has been working on story creativity, fiction design and script work for more than 5 years.

From His Own Pen

My written or drawn ideas, which I have been working on in my spare time for the last few years, with the support of all the efforts I have made so far, whether seen or unseen, known or unknown, and with the support of the writers and cartoonists around me, with whom we once drew cartoons and took them to magazines in the same period, and who have made many movies today, I founded this site to bring it to story and scenario format and introduce it to you. A small step I took 26 years ago by drawing a few cartoons in order to produce a specific or imaginary extraordinary story, take its place on the world's silver screens and show a small proof of the infinity of creativity, and some sociological factors and environmental conditions have brought me together with many valuable people and led me to these days. brought. I guess I can't find much to say when I'm at the beginning of this path... which isn't there anyway. Now is the time to roll up your sleeves. Hope to see you… Vira Bismillah...